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Summer Solstice
Bay Oil on Canvass, "Summer Solstice", 4'x5', by Mercedes Franklin. In Private Collection.

This painting was so enjoyable to develope. From large brushes putting the wash on white canvass, to palette knives, oil pastels, littler brushes I was a happy camper. Lucky for me my clients are just as happy with this painting in their new home. Their Citron Pillows actually talk to the painting & the painting talks back!

I like large canvasses, they envelope me when I paint!

Love Fest
Flowers Oil on Canvass, "Love Fest", 24x30, by Mercedes Franklin. For Sale

I wanted to paint Bees. My search for a co-star led me to the beautiful Poppy. There were some discoveries along the way, the first being a Poppy with an eye-catching color of lavender/blue pollen making them very exciting to paint. The second was the pollen of the Poppy does not have hallucinogenic properties for the Bees. I became so caught up in this subject matter I have decided to create a 4 painting series staring the Bees and their friends. So I will say, To be continued...

Happy Hour
Bay Oil Painting on Canvass, "Happy Hour", 18x24, by Mercedes Franklin, For Sale, Lyons Share Gallery, Fairhope AL 250.928.2507.

One of the joys of boating, to me, is the end of a good day on the water, take a shower, get ready for the evening, have a drink, go out, enjoy & make it home dry & safe! I enjoyed painting every part of this canvass. Especially love the colors, I believe they portray my feelings from the day.

Dancing Reflections
Still Life Oil Painting on Canvass, "Dancing Reflections", 18x14, by Mercedes Franklin. For Sale.

The sunbeams come in each morning traveling across the room. It has become a ritual to watch the interactions with the wall & everything on it. I guess this qualifies as simple pleasures.

The WPSE accepted this painting into their Sixth Annual Juried Exhibition 2017. The Central Panhandle Fair 2017 awarded this painting an Honorable Mention. It all makes a person sing...

I Look Good Today
Floral Oil Painting on Canvass, "I Look Good Today, 20"x16", by Mercedes Franklin, For Sale.

Floral Oil Painting on Canvass, "Azaleas", 16"x20", by Mercedes Franklin, For Sale.

Beautifully Quiet
Landscape Oil painting on Canvass, "Beautifully Quiet", 16"x20", by Mercedes Franklin, $695.

When you walk out to the end of the pier in this fog you are totally isolated. Can't see around you only can hear. Kind of eerie. But at the same time totally wonderful!

Fairhope Pier
Bay Oil Painting on Canvass, "Fairhope Pier", 12"x16", by Mercedes Franklin, Private Collection.

A Good Day
Bay Oil Painting on Canvass, A Good Day, 11x14, by Mercedes Franklin, Private Collection.

Piers Relaxing
Bay Oil Painting On Canvass, "Piers Relaxing", 12"x16", by Mercedes Franklin, Private Collection.

On days like this everyone & thing is relaxing. And so they should. Blue skies, blue water & warm breezes. It is all about the siesta.

Sketch of Brittany
Portrait Sketch Oil on Canvass, "Sketch of Brittany", 12x12, by Mercedes Franklin. Private Collection

Real Portraits can take the person to sit a few sessions. But "no can do" this time. Maybe later...

Portrait Oil on Canvass, "HyLee", 8x10, by Mercedes Franklin. Private Collection..

This little girl has been a delight to paint. It took some back & forth action but I am happy with the finished piece. She is 3 now & it is a delight to see her all fixed up in her Cinderella dresses. Her style is impressive.

Mobile Bay
Bay Oil Painting on Canvass, "Mobile Bay", 12x16, by Mercedes Franklin. Private Collection.

Mobile Bay is a Big beautiful bay surrounded by homes on one side & the City of Mobile on the other. It is a pretty place to paint, comes in all colors. I find myself using an array of brushes & palette knives between the sky, water & boats w/people. Because of all the colors each painting demands it's own selection of Hues.

Bay Life
Bay Oil Painting on Canvass, "Bay Life", 9x12, by Mercedes Franklin. Private Collection.

Sunset on a Bay attracts many people whether they are visitors or locals. It is hard to stay away from a beautiful sky! They delight artist everywhere...