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Chihuahua C047R Shorthaired/Rhodium Color (RG)
Spike & Lulu
Dog Oil Painting on Canvass, Chihuahuas, "Spike & Lulu", 16"x20", by Mercedes Franklin, Private Collection.

Chihuahua C047W Shorthaired (WG)
Chihuahua C047W Shorthaired/Rhodium (WG)
Chihuahua C047W Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N (WG)
Going to School
Dog & Boy Oil Painting on Canvass, "Going To School", Chihuahua, 14"x18", by Mercedes Franklin, Private Collection.

The Women Painters of the South East accepted this painting into their Juried Show.

Chihuahua C047W Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N & 7-White Dia. Collar (WG)
Chihuahua C047Y Shorthaired
Chihuahua C047Y Shorthaired/Rhodium
Chihuahua C047Y Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N
Chihuahua C271R Shorthaired/Rhodium Color (RG)
Chihuahua C271W Shorthaired (WG)
Chihuahua C271W Shorthaired/Rhodium (WG)
Chihuahua C271W Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N (WG)
Chihuahua C271Y Shorthaired
Chihuahua C271Y Shorthaired/Rhodium
Chihuahua C271Y Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N
Chihuahua C271Y Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N & 7-White Dia. Collar
Chihuahua C271Y Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N/8-Pearls
Chihuahua C420W Shorthaired/Wings (WG)
Chihuahua C420W Shorthaired/Wings/Rhodium E&N (WG)
Chihuahua C420Y Shorthaired/Wings
Chihuahua C420Y Shorthaired/Wings/Rhodium
Chihuahua C420Y Shorthaired/Wings/Rhodium E&N
Chihuahua K047W Shorthaired/Rhodium E&N & 7-White Dia. Collar (18KWG)
Chihuahua Shorthaired C271Y/Rhodium on Silver Cuff Bracelet & Gold Fill Wire